ROBERTO MARTÍN  lives and works in Sestao (Bizkaia) Spain.



Roberto Martín’s first exposition took place in 1976. In

his long career he has presented many important exhibitions and events, both in Spain : Bilbao, San Sebastián, Málaga, Vitoria, Madrid, Barcelona, Granada, Cádiz, Badajoz, Toledo, Salamanca, Jaén, Argentina, Polonia, Francia, Uruguay, Brasil, Yugoslavia, Alemania,Suecia, Dinamarca, Japón, Malta, Bulgaria, Estados Unidos (San Francisco, Nueva York, Miami) y

etc…) and his works are to found in public spaces

and private collections both nationally and internationally.

In his work Roberto Martín gives visible form to that

which was and is no more, or that which remains, but

will very soon cease to be, weaving that which is only

glimpsed and the well-known yet without renouncing


 On the verge of the 21st century he rediscovers

the vastness of sentiment and yet does not separate an

aptitude for raw emotion from reflexive thought. He does

not set the “I think therefore I am” up against “I feel

therefore I am”, but complements it. The quest for new

pathways of expression; a meticulous elaboration laden

with interior resonances imbues each work with a life of

its own and an unnerving beauty. A work to be solved