Notes from the “Workshop Journal”




In the need to try to dig into the general system of art by artists anxious

at the end of the vanguards, and without departing from the Iímites of a single medium, in this case the paint, painters

reached Iugares hidden system-at that time and still ignored by some, and did so much to Io

developed from the object in terms of ability to contain and transform Io represented as that of

develop the technique or procedure-creating new syntax elements of the painting.



In this dynamic search of syntactic possibilities understand the search for Robert, the subject,

space and texture are the main bulk of the experiences that will conclude in syntactic formulas

Ia limits experimentation. It is, perhaps, from this pre-dimensioning of priorities and the achievement of these

elements in a body that allows formalizing the launch, without a previous sketch, to meet Ios

problems and, hang time, towards the final solution and i support that plays a receptacle rather than Ia

and achievement of the objectives set out, in their study there is a storage work in progress by size

that goes aila numerical coincidence or thematic, rather, is the result of an encoding that only

artist can rearrange, even change, after the daily work. There is an ideology built around a

hypothesis and a choice of which level is organized and at the time of his exhibition at Mikeldi (1978)

where you should take early Ios commitments and aesthetic decisions. One hypothesis guideline, as he would say (1): "in

the work plan is an initial intuition "and now, finally, in the same context informs us that" it appears

analytical content of the work. "



Now be understood, from these considerations, there are two indicators to avoid when a

approach to the work of R.Martín that, too obvious, are suspicious, and, as in the novels

Agatha Christie, are not false tracks if other literary therefore fruitless rhetoric and surface are

reducing indicators of contemporary artist's work belongs to a civilized world, Ia

invocation of magic or alchemy and its jargon mysticism housekeeper of a hypothetical chemical initiation-today,

patenting when put us to the work of Roberto would not be fair, nor is reducing

source of the topic categories to your trip, evoking the exotic component of Io may be in

them as if they were fairy tales, leaving unqualified Ia significance and coherence of cultures

representing and represented in terms of power and ideology, not its value or artistic production and

aesthetics, without even pausing to reflect on the motivation of the artist, if necessary. In fact,

if we did, we would find a key component that is ornamental Io when

establish a structural map of the configuration that is expressed significant with a system or part of a

cultural system, as important as defining component. The ornament as a quality and quantity

As the hierarchy of the system is obviously more than just a part of the pageantry, is the image that

choose precisely the system to be known, Ia representative first synthesis of reason inside.



Robert Martin first establishes a formal dialectic goes from Ia option matter,

figuration as a cultural element that absorbs the signic, and space as structure rather than

landscape container, behaves as a product of laws as abstract painting, the format

be concerned precisely the paint. Fragments of paint lord in the spaces Ia

yields to contemporary human desire to occupy the walls and representative architectures with

representations. The dishes containing, epidermis gives way to the iconographic narrative about his history or

his pleasure.



Robert, if you travel is to the birth of light, traveling also in Ia tradition of painters, romantic

the nineteenth and adventure as that of the first travelers to the Iugares and their guardians, places full of

uncontaminated visual coherence, even today, the gap distance catapult us back to where

expected to clear our minds of the contents of "cabotage" of the senses, which serves the exact story

our desires threaded into the fabric of our roots, which are laid down our commitments.

to finally find our conclusions on the ride as real as imaginary place that represents that -

Roberto would say, "ranging from Galindo and Ia Bene Simondrogas to Repélega, to Cueto, clear

is. "

                                                                                                                                                                                                             Paco Juan Costa


(1) Nomenclature belonging to the search in an attempt to approach the principles that operate on the basis of "color theory"

in Greek painting. In the same "white" separates, while the "black" links, the "purple" is a tertiary violet even with predominant Ia iltrimar imprint and the effect of inner shell, 3l "sparkling" which refers to a cadmium yellow tends to a saturation sensed target, different Ilamado "golden" and "russet" Family Ios attenuated oranges and Venice. (1) I quote from memory in this case and in which no bibliographic references