Text and notes


The profound expressiveness of subject matter


To sing the praises of beauty is one of the most appealing methods of making paintings, and beauty can be attained in many ways, along many paths already travelled by many and very famous artists. But in this case it is the subject matter itself which acts as a base from which to reach the pedestal of the appealing; that which is sensibly well constructed within Martín’s pictorial panorama will be the second important element of this collection, renewed on the way to a fresh from the vanguard.


Roberto Martín, a man of very sensible aesthetic convictions within a panorama of apparent abstraction, takes up a new direction in perfect communion with certain of the norms of current aesthetics. He includes elements which are readily accepted as valid, to create works to the taste of critical, commercial and enthusiasts’ circles. It can be stated that colour, well elaborated subject matter and that special charge of abstract symbolism seeking definition turns the painting of Roberto Martín into a visual masterclass, awaiting those very personal yearnings brought forth from deep inside each observer, which rarely come to the surface and remain innermost secrets or are aired behind closed doors like realities hidden behind a profane curtain.


This leads us to believe that Roberto Martín enjoys, in his latest work , all the premises of a job well done as a professional exercise, and then, in addition to the quality-appeal effect, there are hidden underworlds, such as the fragmentary aspect carrying a religious cargo, old walls, old floors old tiles, fine brickwork anointed with and by time itself, silvers and golds made shiny by life, wafts of incense, pointed arches through which faith has slipped away, moments of dark experience thrown without shadow on walls and floors flooded by the past…


The iconic message of Roberto Martín is something which is intuited even without appreciating outward image, perchance withered by the passage of time, and the well-achieved cracks, scrapes, smears, patches of damp and damages brought on by the breeze. It would never even occur to me not to think about this exhibtion whenever I see an empty wall surrounded by other elements with obvious sensitivity. Roberto Marti´n’s work has enchanted me.


Unavoidable for exquisite, sensitive people. It is a joy.