Notes from the “Workshop Journal”






Robert Martin is a painter of sorts plastics and balances color. Everyone

of his paintings is a unit in which the central motif are placing harmonically

the different elements that form it. There is a point axial and different spaces enhancers.

So it seems a simple painting, but both approaches and in developing,

we can discover much more complex aspects.



Matter and planes



You can find scattered symbolic connotations, in any case, are not

determinants, but a pretext to discuss the issues and place them properly in space. And there

is where he conducts his strokes, dense or mild, symphonically always agreed, either

pale gray, blue, sienna. The main concern is for the color and the color cast

ranges in subtle fillings. The rich texture is used, the material distributed by the

needs of the plane, the proximity or remoteness of the tones.

We are facing a painting that sometimes rises above the lightness while others

settle in contrasting emotions. Robert Martin made fruitful field, considered to

basic sense when spread on the web. Hidden secrets of matter. It's a mystery

in itself and should be treated as such, in their inordinate challenge of darkness.

Robert Martin knows this elusive condition of the subject and analyzes revealing the

secrets that run through it. In this respect, one can speak of an assimilation of techniques and

intelligent treatment of the subject.



The purpose and spirit



Robert Martin's work includes intimate environments in which it is the drama, tenderness,

despair and hope, love and heartbreak. Their experiences are full and open, since

this type of painting can only be done from the 1st sensitivity. For Robert Martin has the

nattraleza, but at the same height as it almost always overtaking it, there are the states

mood, ie, the expressive range of all the circumstances that excite and

situations that drag.

To fully understand them is forced to play a full part in each box. Does not

transcripts or pictures of reality. His brush moves motivated by impulses, however,

this repertoire of forces, in principle difficult to control, is contained by the reflections

subsequent painting.

However, the drive and reflection eventually agree on Robert Martin. Mix

and exchange the spirit and object, the creative mind and nature. Purpose and nature

can serve as a reference to the spiritual charge of the painter, but also the visible matter is born

in the imagination. The end result is the demonstration on the unit.

Robert Martin knows how to build a picture based on that unit, since it is she who

the end justifies the stresses of creation. So each frame moves to his loneliness, his memory,

situations experienced in pain or in love.



Painting as a way of life



It is easy to deduce from this that the work of Robert Martin is growing in intimate pulls

need for personal fulfillment. It is the scene of his feelings

romantic, though I can not speak strictly autobiographical painting. His pictures do not tell

nor have any history. If anything tell the story inside. It is a mind

accurate dive artist shapes the unconscious, find the other side, or the various

faces of reality. To achieve this goal, Pt. And he paints as a way of life and


No wonder that in these poetic works are fundamental levels, rather subjective

or objectives; do their job integrating each other.

Robert Martin's painting is a metaphor of the images located in a wide

concept of creative space, a quiet room full of lights. He has technical expertise and

imagination, order, color depth, balanced volumes. To highlight the job very

set of materials, both when the combines to empower them as when they seek

significance. A painting, in short, soft and yet exciting.