Notes from the “Workshop Journal”

the main intention of my work is to revive the ability to get the viewer excited, provided it has not lost his alertness and sensitivity and those leaving spaces for reflection time.


 I am dedicated to building a work in which the passage of time leaves its mark and storytelling as well as ancient as man.


The work plan begins with an initial intuition, work documentation, accumulation, selection, visual and emotional impressions, memories and abstract knowledge. No sketches, but directly to the implementation step. The conclusion and discussion will be back, with perspective.


We are not heroes, live loaded and theories tablets fragile and innocent, curious and paradoxically, begin to run when you get to work, and the result is not just understand but there is, and that's what matters.


 I care search, even frustrating in most cases.


I understand creation as a kind of flight forward, not just a movement, permanent abandonment of the position conquered. If not, repeat and fall into discouragement.


The artist is trying to confuse you into believing that it will always be misunderstood, so neither art trusts the crowds, or crowds of art.


 I understand that it is much theorizing about art and I prefer to work and leave the theory in the background.


 This company has tremendous seduction by the rapid consumption and without selection, that I have it very present in my work to work in peace and not stay empty and in the hands of this mad dash for consumption.


 Sometimes I am a prisoner of myself and try to address the obstacles so that resources end up becoming.


 This profession is not a race to conquer the top spot. This work is understood as a journey within oneself, which means constant self, but also generating new sensory stimuli capable of excited and think at a time.









Only the timing of my joints I remember the time elapsed since my first show made in Sestao (1977) until today.


 During this time I have accumulated, patience, experience, some kilos, some cholesterol and especially questions, many questions.


In my work exercises the ability to form mental images and there are days when gray dawn in the streets and broken bodies. These days it seems gray accessory to murder.


   Why not lived reality is nothing like dream to reality?

   Why we can not get the future dream?

   Why all those weapons not make them shit?

   Why can not fly or live under the sea?

   Why live like fish in water in the empire of vulgarity?

   Why not convert the cry and the wound, seduction and reflective thinking, and to achieve the democratization of feeling?.


 The Left Bank is a stage flooded through the mixing of cultures that organize their own thoughts, even when the gray paste in front.


                                                                                                     Roberto Martín