Notes from the “Workshop Journal”


      Roberto Martin's unique painting style portrays a mystique of an ancient

      time and place. An essence of antiquity is ever present, most notably

      characterized by muted earth tones and crackled, textural surfaces.


      The impressive painting of Roberto Martin represents a singular fusion.

      Its elements are myriad and disparate but join symphonically to form

      canvasses that transcend not only painting, but imagery. Martin is able to

      create a chromatically explosive expression within divine minimalism. The

      elegant simplicity of his work gives the viewer a clear sense of the

      timeless journey embodied in each painting.


      Roberto Martin's tableaux evoke the sentiment of art as all art. The

      artist allows himself to experience the crush of the modern world in order

      to avoid its tainting the finished product. This allows Martin to let each

      work take the path it may, without preconception, each stroke of the brush

      ignoring its predecessor, their confluence a subconscious montage which

      allows the onlooker to be absorbed and affected.


      It is easy to overlook his technical expertise, precisely because it

      affords him such freedom from construction. Roberto Martin has said that

      there is no "sacred mission of the artist". One wonders, however, if in

      the sublime emotional minimalism of his perpetual search, the artist has

      not yet discovered one.


      While one of the most prolific artists of our time, and with two global

      exhibitions simultaneously in progress San Francisco and Madrid, the

      artist currently has a collection of over eighty original oil/mixed media

      paintings available for purchase.