Notes from the “Workshop Journal”



Robert Martin rescues the color of their enchanted territory


The Granada artist exhibits in the gallery over poster

Forty recent works in which the rich textures and

sequential motifs become a constant reference to the

Alhambra and Nasrid constructions






GRANADA. Looking for a place in the void where time stand still found her enchanted territory, an open space for imagination and in which the colors become his inseparable companions travel, which has a long experience. The artist Robert Martin was born in Granada, though residing in Sestao since 1957, a time that has been building memories based on strokes of intent.


Martin exposes these days in the Poster Gallery more than forty of his most recent Territory series Charmed, created with a rich variety of glazes and textures and in using different materials ranging from wood to drywall or plaster and are more like "small buildings" that paints. "I try to find the mystery in each work and get scenes that get stir the feelings and emotions. I get excited to revive the ability of the viewer," says the author.


In their study of Sestao, Martin does not have near the light or the color of the South, though, but it beats under each of his works. The brightness of the light that one day he met and the gold leaf that connects you to your dreams, become essential elements of his painting '"Using the colors that define me: bright, warm and delicate. Are a resource for the imagination and, from there, start thinking about other aspects of the work, "he says.

Certain elements, based on geometric patterns, palm trees, cypresses ... - that are repeated serially building spaces, painting. Robert Martin refers constantly to Granada and the Nasrid constructions: "The Alhambra is made with poor materials, however, is one of the most beautiful places in the world. I try to retrieve the symbolic spaces stories as old as the man through my painting, "he explains. Those in which the time leaves its mark, the artist from Granada, which is defined as "very thorough" in his daily work, ensuring that continues to paint a picture until it feels dentificado with him. So, paint, transform, cut and shape their reality and presented to the viewer as "small pieces of dreams" that directly relate to their environment and the world. "I think a painter has to be very attentive to what he said a manager and try to always do what he asks. I rely on fragile structures and ideas that need to have adequate roots with reality," he says. The exhibition will remain open until the next May 16 in the gallery Poster.