Notes from the “Workshop Journal”

Amalia García Rubi


Recent work of Robert Martin surprised by the originality of their stories static. This work must be regarded, I think, from Ia primary purpose of the artist that autorretratar is in space. Convert the image to view self-portrait acquired Ia work of Robert Martin enormous expressive power.

Each box is a wall decorated with geometry and cheerful singing star Andalusian checkered or made mud paintings. emulated ancient crafts still linking to Granada with the land and water, raw materials of their culture and traditional pottery. The clay molded thousand times. painted, decorated, it is also the smell of wet earth of the Albaicin, intense green of the gardens of the Alhambra. The memory, this introspective exercise that links the artist with his roots, is felt implicitly in these majestic works. turning the canvas walls and floors worn by the passage of time, perhaps a metaphor extends to the inevitable passage of life in the person of the artist.

Robert Martin writes her lots of Moorish architecture in imagined visions of rooms and courtyards real;

literary pieces of scenery in the memory transfigured by pure pictorial language. Sometimes a slight reference to the three-dimensional space, a fountain, an arcade, a cypress ... or rather puts us leads us to imagine in familiar places. In the work of Robert Martin's game of painting, the painter's kitchen combines recipes and condiments (resin, natural thickeners. Gold leaf. Pigments ...) with such procedures rich textures and evocative of light and true colors. establishing a link between the painter and art matérico hard to break.

Also the need to grasp the process of creating the reality of its own, makes the works of Robert

Martin there is always a reference to the tangible or perceived by the senses. In this case, its Architecture and Landscapes Senses are a wonderful example of that recurring appropriation, so emotional and evocative. preciosity so full of oriental ...


Amalia García Rubi